Meadows in the Mountains 2024 Postponed

this is meadows

Our Vision

Now let’s get to the bottom of our festival, shall we?

According to archaeological diggings and ancient scriptures, tribes from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds have found their way to these magical mountains for millennia, gathering in ceremonies that reflected on their lives at the time. We believe this need to gather for a healthy dose of communal reflection still exists in today’s society, perhaps now more than ever. 

Our vision sees festivals like ours not just as temporary mini-societies, but as fundamental tools to transform permanent societies and the individuals that live in them. As attendees tend to be more open to explore new ways of living together, we commit the future of this magical gathering towards circularity and other much-needed systemic changes.

It’s a commitment that we’ve organised in what we call Meadow’s Mountain, all inspired by Maslow’s Pyramid. As you dance your way up the Mountain, we aim to fulfil your daily needs in ways that are more future-proof, fair and …yes… fun! In the end, we hope you can carry this positive change home with you to make your peak experience last.

Oh, there is just that one more thing. A thing that’s hard for us to influence, due to the failures of our current economic system: the way you get to our Mountain. Sadly, budget airline flights tend to be quick and cheap, while being the least sustainable travel option. So we encourage everyone to travel to the festival by train, bus, van, rideshare, boat, bicycle, or by foot, so that our collective carbon footprint is as tiny as a baby foot. Or in this case, as a Baba slipper.