Meadows in the Mountains 2024 Postponed

train not plane


For many of us it’s faster and cheaper to travel to Bulgaria by plane. 

But it comes at a different kind of price, as it takes its toll on our environment and the living conditions of people around the globe. 

We hope you can afford to spend time and money for a slower -yet more rewarding- journey to our mountain, reducing your carbon footprint to a reasonable size. 

Before you make your choice, we advise comparing the environmental impact of your available travel options on Eco Passenger.

Because we believe that taking greener routes to greener pastures is the right way forward.

Wait what? Does flying through the air really leave footprints? Oh yes, we are talking your ecological footprint here, and when you fly it’s way higher than when you don’t airlift your feet. 

According to Eco Passenger you can cut that footprint by more than 40% on average if your travel over roads or rails instead. 

Head over to Interrail and Seat 61 for route inspiration, as this epic rail-not-track-movie shows, getting there is half the fun!