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First and foremost, Meadows want to create an underground music festival in eye-scorching beautiful and intimate surroundings

Resident Advisor

Meadows in the Mountains is the actualization of a dream that plenty of UK festivals have been trying to emulate for the past 25 years, because it is genuine, rather than trying so hard to give the illusion of genuineness. Rather than redefining the idea of a festival, Meadows is a reminder of what a real festival is.

Crack Magazine

Set in the lush environment of the Rhodope Mountains, mornings are blessed each day with the mist that glides over the landscape. The discerning line-up will pique the interest of anyone with an eye on the underground scene.

The Guardian


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"You understand the meaning of magic when your soul transcends into a place of pure majestic energy. Meadows have taken a human need to feel connected and turned it into a tangible experience. The abundance of beautiful people who connect through this festival is what solidify's the magic, you feel love from everywhere you are. Meadows you have rejuvenated my soul and given me time to say goodbye to a dear friend I lost last year, who recommended I come this year and wow, what a gift that truly was."

Popli Krishan Adam

“There needs to be a new word created to describe this 'festival' forget the mainstream, large commercial festivals everyone is used to. This is an experience that you will tell your grandchildren about, sadly you won't have many selfies to show them as you will be too engrossed in life to even care about likes or tweets. A place to escape reality and be absorbed within a community of people indulging their animalistic desires and creating memories that will never be forgotten!”

Scott MacEachen

"I've just got back and have to write some words while it's all still fresh in my mind. I already had good expectations but the last few days went way beyond anything I imagined. Thank you to the organisers for curating such a beautiful event in such a stunning location, with such AMAZING music across all days (honestly blown away by how good the bands, DJs and soundsystems were); and to everyone I met along the way, for being so kind, loving, helpful, playful, silly, honest and the most beautiful people I've ever met at a festival. Honestly, I am glowing with love right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Honestly cannot wait for the next one."

Filipe Sousaham

"The festival is a magic opportunity to come together and celebrate life while remaining conscious of how precious and delicate that life is. The eco approach brought the whole celebration to a down to earth place where one could come together and learn and dance as one while remaining conscious." "The feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The feeling of community as soon as you arrive, that everyone around you is now a part of your extended family for the next four days. The effort around sustainability is important to me." "The people, the surroundings, the music.... Everything! Every little detail that went into it just made it that much better. Truly a magical place and will hold a special place in my heart."


"The people! It really felt like family. No judgement and free expression to be yourself, exactly what you want at a festival!"

Jordan Church

"The atmosphere the festival creates is something I’ve never experienced before. Will be returning no matter what!"

Milo Laws

"I can not say enough about that mountain.. such a magical, beautiful and profoundly moving place. It is a madly hedonistic party but because you have free reign of the mountain it was peaceful and relaxing too. Feeling happy, positive and inspired. Will be back for sure!"

Lauren McNamara

“Kudos to the organisers! What they have done is commendable and more significant than the entire annual activity of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.”

Peter Petkov

“I've been part of the festival organising scene for over thirty years, and this tops anything i ever attended.....Lovely people, perfect location, and loved-up deep and sexy house and world musical bliss...Thank you all so much, guys!”

Jameson Barnes