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2nd - 5th June 2022

An Update on 2021

Dear Meadows Family,  

We are totally heartbroken to announce that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, we must postpone Meadows in the Mountains to June 2022.  

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An Update on 2021

Dear Meadows Family,  

We are totally heartbroken to announce that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, we must postpone Meadows in the Mountains to June 2022.  

We have been waiting for government advice and restrictions across Europe this summer to be announced, in the hope we can go ahead as planned. 

However, it is now clear that travel restrictions will remain in place throughout much of Europe and around the world come early June. 

With the continued uncertainty and the majority of Meadowers coming from abroad, we cannot responsibly continue with the preparations for 2021.  

As with last year, all tickets, accommodation and transfers you have booked will be automatically rolled over to 2022.   

We are so sincerely sorry that it has come to this and we understand how frustrating this is to hear, but please rest assured that we are infinitely more confident that a 2022 date will properly allow us to deliver the incredible event you all deserve in a safe and restriction free space once more.   

It’s been a challenging, miserable and scary time, but throughout this period, we have kept chins up and continued to implement our environmental initiatives on site and in the village. 

Like all of you, we’re looking forward to brushing off the negativity and dancing our way through four full spectrum days in the untouched beauty of the Rhodopes next year.   

As ever, your continued support means the world to us and we really cannot wait to see you all again on the magic mountain.  

We miss you all,  

Team Meadows x 

Booking FAQ's

What are the new dates? 

Meadows in the Mountains will run June 2nd - 5th 2022
Orpheus Spa Sessions will run June 6th - 7th 2022  

I have paid a deposit for my ticket and/or accommodation, when do I have to pay the balance? 

The deadline for deposit tickets will be extended to 31st March 2022.  

I cannot make the new dates, can I get a refund? 

We regret that we cannot offer refunds. However, you can transfer anything you have purchased to a new recipient and we will process a name change free of charge. 

Please note that tickets are now sold out on our website, meaning the only way to purchase a ticket is from someone who has already purchased one. 

Just follow these steps:  

1. Advertise your ticket on our Facebook Event page or to friends/family/your own other networks 

2. Once sold, email our ticketing partners with your booking confirmation, cc’ing the person you have sold your tickets to, along with confirmation of what is being sold 

3. Easol will then process the change and email booking details to the new booker  

Why can't you process refunds? 

As a small independent festival with most of our money tied up in organising the event, we simply cannot afford to process refunds. This would put the entire festival at risk, which in turn puts all ticket holders at risk.   

Since we had to postpone the festival in March 2020, we stopped almost all of our outgoing expenses, including to ourselves as a management team, making sure our operation is as lean as possible.

We have not received any government grants or loans, neither have we asked for money via a Crowdfunder.  

Instead we rely on your continued support and together we will all get through this and out the other side.   

I’ve booked an airport transfer - what happens with that?  

Those of you who have already booked airport coaches will of course need to change the date and time.

As we approach next year's festival, we will issue you with a pass so that you can rebook to a new time, free of charge.   

What’s happening with Orpheus Spa Sessions?  

The Orpheus Spa Hotel has confirmed the new dates of Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th June 2022. All tickets already purchased will be valid for the revised dates. Spa treatments, including massages, will go on sale in 2022. Those wanting to attend but do not have a ticket, please note that we should be able to release more in 2022.   

I wasn’t able to book accommodation (bell tents, Tentsile and village houses). Will more be released for 2022? 

Bell tents and Tentsile tents are now all sold out.  We hope to release more, however this is unlikely to be before Spring 2022.  Village house accommodation is likely to remain sold out.

Tickets and accommodation are sold out - how do I buy a ticket or book accommodation? 

We are encouraging those who cannot attend the new dates to advertise their bookings on our Facebook event page, so keep checking there for options. 

We also hope to release a limited number of tickets and bell tents nearer to the event in 2022. We will announce this on social media and via our newsletter in due course.   

Again, thank you for your love, support and understanding in these difficult times. 

We promise to deliver the party to end all parties in 2022!  

Team Meadows x

2011 - 2020

A decade of the magic mountain

We have built an incredible team of professionals and individuals from all over the globe that come together to make one of the worlds most difficult and logistically challenging festival environments possible.

Our identity has evolved from a small party to international community with a focus towards platforming the arts, protecting/regenerating our mountain and educating our family on how to change habits from destructive to regenerative.

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a decade of press

a decade of press

a decade of press

Meadows in the Mountains is the actualization of a dream that plenty of UK festivals have been trying to emulate for the past 25 years, because it is genuine, rather than trying so hard to give the illusion of genuineness. Rather than redefining the idea of a festival, Meadows is a reminder of what a real festival is.

Review by

Crack Magazine

First and foremost, Meadows want to create an underground music festival in eye-scorching beautiful and intimate surroundings, for a crowd seriously accomplished in partying. The Meadows formula is simple. No gimmick. Just sublime views, consistently on-point tunes, and lots of space to enjoy them in.

Review by

Resident Advisor

Set in the lush environment of the Rhodope Mountains, mornings are blessed each day with the mist that glides over the landscape. The discerning line-up will pique the interest of anyone with an eye on the underground scene

Review by

The Guardian


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“You understand the meaning of magic when your soul transcends into a place of pure majestic energy. Meadows have taken a human need to feel connected and turned it into a tangible experience. The abundance of beautiful people who connect through this festival is what solidify's the magic, you feel love from everywhere you are. Meadows you have rejuvenated my soul and given me time to say goodbye to a dear friend I lost last year, who recommended I come this year and wow, what a gift that truly was.”

Popli Krishan Adam

“I've been part of the festival organising scene for over thirty years, and this tops anything i ever attended.....Lovely people, perfect location, and loved-up deep and sexy house and world musical bliss...Thank you all so much, guys!”

Jameson Barnes

“There needs to be a new word created to describe this 'festival' forget the mainstream, large commercial festivals everyone is used to. This is an experience that you will tell your grandchildren about, sadly you won't have many selfies to show them as you will be too engrossed in life to even care about likes or tweets. A place to escape reality and be absorbed within a community of people indulging their animalistic desires and creating memories that will never be forgotten!”

Scott MacEachen

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