Meadows in the Mountains 2024 Postponed


As part of our continuing efforts to understand and minimize the environmental impact of Meadows, we have partnered with ECOLIBRIUM.

Working with them we now have some amazing tools available to us, we can calculate more accurately the Co2 emissions for all travel by crew, traders, artists and public.

The Environmental team has been working on 2 partnerships with reforestation organizations in the regions of Smolyan and Sofia in Bulgaria.

However we need to be able to know our impact as an event in Co2 emissions so that we can start to off-set, as well as identify areas where we can actively reduce our footprint

Please follow this link to a website where you can input all your travel information, it’s a pretty exciting website!! if you're travelling by different transport methods for different legs please put them in individually.

We appreciate that this is a bit of work but it will be instrumental in maximizing our efforts for OUR PLEDGE.

Only together, can we achieve our pledge of carbon zero by 2025!!