Meadows in the Mountains 2024 Postponed

This is Meadows

Story of a Decade

Wow. Has it been...

10 years already?

The self-transcending story of Meadows in the Mountains.

This decade-long relationship with our labour of love has made us forget time, financial gains, and spreadsheet sovereignty in general. Meanwhile, it’s made us remember and foster what festivals should really be about: true, human connection. Click.

It started as a wandering family’s dream to share the beauty of these mountains and upcoming underground music with an intimate group of friends. Over the years it grew into a self-transcending, global community in full flow, peaking around festival times to realise its full potential, yet never outgrowing its initial intimacy.

Let’s face it: getting this show on the road and into the mountains is a logistical nightmare.

But we thrive through our shared dream of true human connection, unbridled creative expression and a much-needed shift in daily habits from destructive to regenerative.

On our journey we have always lived and breathed in synergy with the nearby village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, which is now brimming with new life after we rejuvenated its crumbling structures into temporary homes for our festival folk.

While we provided the local Babas with an income that exceeds their state pensions, they introduced us to their age-old village traditions that have proven even richer than their yoghurt. Our skilled team of builders, drivers and event management staff continues to include locals and foreigners alike, providing valuable experience and skills development in this rural area.

In the end, we had to raise the stakes and become the legal owners of the festival grounds. Owning them is the only way to safeguard the regenerative nature of our transformational festival and protect its natural habitat as much as humanly possible.

What we are really invested in now, is to make the local ecosystem thrive and to make a positive impact on the lives of everybody involved. So for the foreseeable future, and unlike much of the outside world’s reality, the hedges in our funds are for real, really green and in full bloom. 

Every year, we want to take you higher than you’ve ever been. Want to transcend to higher ground with us?