MITM 2024 postponed

Dear Meadowers

It is with a heavy heart and profound regret that we must share the news of the postponement of the 12th edition of Meadows in the Mountains until 2025.

This decision comes as a result of multiple factors and weighs heavily on us.

We were recently informed by local authorities that permission to hold the festival on the scheduled dates has been revoked. This unforeseen circumstance arises due to the coinciding ban on large gatherings and the sale of alcohol, stemming from the European elections. 

Despite the full support of our mayor and the recognition of the circular economy that Meadows is bringing to local villages, the local authorities are no longer able to grant us permission. We acknowledge the disappointment and frustration this news may bring, particularly to those who have already made travel arrangements and eagerly anticipated this year's event.

In addition to these challenges, we won’t hide that we have been navigating the difficult economic climate for festivals, with many facing cancellations or postponements worldwide. Because of our unwavering dedication to maintaining Meadows as a grassroots, independent festival, devoid of corporate sponsorship or grants, the financial strain has been palpable. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic initiated these hardships, and despite our relentless efforts, Meadows hasn’t been able to fully rebound from the subsequent massive hike in production costs, inflation, and the general cost of living that have affected everyone across the cultural landscape. Nevertheless, we have persisted in our endeavours to bring you the magic of the mountains year after year.

The news of the revoked permissions came as a crushing blow, rendering all our efforts in vain. Despite our best intentions and exhaustive preparations, the sudden obstacle posed by the authorities left us with no choice but to postpone this year's event.

We understand the disappointment felt by our community, both near and far, including our dedicated crew, talented artists, and the supportive neighbouring villages who eagerly anticipate the festival each year. This event is not just a highlight of the calendar but also a vital boost to the regional economy and cultural landscape.

For those who have already purchased tickets, we assure you that they will be rolled over to the 2025 edition. Please know that this decision was not made lightly, and we are committed to ensuring that the 2025 edition will exceed all expectations, embodying the spirit of "A New Dawn" that we had envisioned for this year. Your understanding and support during this challenging time mean the world to us, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the mountain with open arms in 2025.

We will soon announce the new dates and offer more options for those who prefer not to transfer their tickets to next year. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive further updates. Complete details can be found on our Postponement FAQ page.

This is not the end, only a new beginning.

The Meadows Team

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