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This Is Meadows

Where the land touches the sky and the sun cuddles nature.

Nestled high up in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, Meadows in the Mountains is a gathering built on a shared appreciation of nature, love and artistic expression.

Over the last 10 years the gathering has grown into a loving community and a diverse family with open arms.


A decade of meadows

After a decade of hard work, love and celebration, we’ve been gifted a moment of calm to take stock of our ten year odyssey .

The dream began with a family intent on sharing the beauty of these mountains with their loved ones and has evolved into an international community spanning five continents. 

The sleepy village of Polkovnik Serafimovo breathes with new life. Crumbling structures have been rejuvenated into homes for our local and international community. 

Our skilled team of builders, drivers and event management staff is made up of the locals and foreigners alike, providing valuable experience and skills development in this rural area. Our relationship with the local Babas gives us an insight into age-old village traditions and gives them  a valuable income as state pensions are very low.

Combining local knowledge with international expertise, we have built an incredible team from all over the globe that come together to make one of the worlds most logistically challenging festival possible. We have learnt that making this festival unique, intimate and most importantly regenerative is much more important than making a profit.

Our vision has evolved from a small party to an international community focused on protecting and regenerating our mountain and educating our family on how to change habits from destructive to regenerative in the magical natural world beyond the festival. 

We’ve learned that sponsorship and third party brandwashing is not the key to a successful festival. Instead, a focus on shared values, artist expression, and love of the natural world. 

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