Village houses are initially offered to whole group bookings only and sound just as they are - rural Bulgarian houses in the local village of Polkovnik Serafimovo. They will all be located within walking distance of the festival site or of the village square, where you can get 24hr transport to/from the festival site. The houses will all have a fully functioning bathroom, with clean towels and bedding provided as standard. Some houses have a functioning kitchen, however you will need to check this with us prior to booking to confirm, if that is important to your stay.

Maximum Occupancy: 8 People

What's Included

Fully functioning bathroom

Clean bedding

Clean towels



1 bathroom; 4 single beds; 4 small double beds


Sold Out


Prices shown are the average price per person for the entire stay; checking in from midday Wednesday 3rd June 2020, checking out by 4pm Monday 8th June 2020

Occupancy is calculated based on 1 person in a single bed; 1 person in a small double; 2 people in a double sofa bed and 2 people in a large double bed. This could be increased, but you must email us on info@meadowsinthemountains.com to confirm any increases.

The 24hr festival shuttle takes around 15 minutes from the village square to the festival site and costs around €5 for the whole festival.

June 3 - 8 2020, Bulgaria

From: $201.25 Per Person