Bulgaria June 5 - 10 2024

2-person pre-pitched tent

Let Meadows take care of the hassle for you, with our furnished pre-pitched tents



Stay in our lovely, furnished pre-pitched tent. The tent will be simply furnished with sleeping bags and an air mattress, and can be hired for one or two people. For a bit more comfort, you could bring a sheet and a pillow, but that's up to you. They will be situated in the Shepherd's Meadow - a beautiful spot with views of the forest and surrounding mountains - a 5-10 minute walk from the festival and with nearby access to compost loos. There are two shower blocks nearer to the festival site a 5-minute walk away. As with all our camping options, the pitch fee is included in the price, so no need to book that separately. If you have already paid for a pitch fee and now want to book a pre-pitched tent, then email info@meadowsinthemountains.com and we can refund that for you.

2-person pre-pitched tent

Bulgaria · June 5 - 10 2024 · 5 nights