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We must understand the damage we cause by the choices we make. For those that can spend more time and money to reduce their carbon emissions.

Orpheus SPA

What better way to end a festival than be transported to a stunning mountain spa hotel to decompress...Meadows style!


You will be transported on Monday morning from the festival straight to the hotel, where you will be greeted by Meadows DJ’s playing by the pool all day. At night the music moves into the indoor pool area, complete with two jacuzzis, a sauna and steam room. The hotel features enormous outdoor and indoor pools, as well as 4-star facilities including a traditional Bulgarian health spa. You will be able to pre-book massages and treatments in the spa and by the pool.

The perfect way to unwind and decompress, before your next adventure... The Monday ticket includes transport from the festival site to the hotel, plus one night’s stay, access to the pools and spa, plus breakfast on Tuesday morning. Note that you must book your airport shuttle from the Orpheus hotel separately, as it is not included in the price of the ticket.

MESA - Coming together on sacred ground

A home to spiritual practice & cultural learnings in the mountains, Mesa offers an open and safe space where the MITM community can connect with each other and their deeper learnings through movement, mediation, conversation and ceremonial offerings.      Our aim is to create a community of global artists & healers coming together to play, flow, talk, sing, and find stillness on this sacred Bulgarian land, a stillness that continues to unfold as people disperse back to their home communities. We recognise the historical tradition of festivals’ providing an environment of learning & exchange within communities and are committed to providing opportunities for conscious education in a space that is as beautiful as it is sacred. Meadowers are encouraged to leave flowers at the Mesa altar and participate in our opening & closing ceremonies, while the village Babas singing on the hill by Mesa has become a MITM tradition not to be missed.    


-Acknowledging the history & Thracian culture the festival through our programming & by working with Bulgarian presenters.  -Acknowledging the beauty & sacred nature of the land: minimising our ecological impact wherever possible: upholding MITM green initiatives and environmental policies.  -Presenting work that is joyful, celebratory & curious.  -Cultivating a safe space where all genders, views, backgrounds and beliefs are actively welcomed.  

-Firmly rooted in presenting spiritual practices & celebrating cultural traditions from across the world too.  



Comprised of a beautiful wellbeing stretch tent that offers a diverse programme of wellbeing practices, movement, conversation and cultural-exchange, Haven Bodywork, comprised of two massage cabanas available for floor or table-based work, and the Reading Room, a bell tent offering space for smaller readings, tarot & tea. We aim to create a cross—cultural platform celebrating the rich heritage of both Bulgarian, and wider-world spiritual practices, that inspire & uplift. We are also passionate about offering a number of open sessions which allow for more spontaneous participation. 

The emphasis in programming is on promoting high quality practice.  Artists have spent years on their individual paths of learning in their respective fields. This ensures a safe and comfortable space offering conscious education that is grounded in experience and knowledge. 


The Mummar Man stands strong in the heart of the mountain protecting us with his ancient energy, he is a symbol of the Kukeri Bulgarian men and women that adorn themselves in elaborate Kukeri costume to perform traditional rituals to scare away evil spirits. Keeping the sanctity of Bulgarian tradition always in mind, we are creating a space which features an eclectic mix of natural materials and handmade creations as a tribute to this beautiful country. Keep an eye out for our life size Kukeri Protector guarding our mountain top and keeping us safe. The area pays homage to Bulgarian folklore with a psychedelic twist.


We have some incredibly talented artisans from across the globe featuring their handmade designs.

Head to our Mountain Marketplace or stroll through the flea market as you first enter the festival. Here you will find everything from fancy dress, vintage clothing, eco-glitter, pottery, jewels & face art stalls.We even have a pop up hand poke tattoo stand if you fancy adding an everlasting memory of the festival!


Meadows food wizards - Chippy and Jack have a passion for serving up the very best food. Their all vegan dishes combine an enthusiasm for creativity, an understanding of nutrition and the very best ethically sourced ingredients. Sourcing all fresh ingredients from local markets and organic dairy from the local cheese farm we’ve formed fantastic bonds with family run businesses and local farmers; the local bakery helps us maintain a single-use-plastic-free festival. The crew food kitchen has grown over the years, and has become a vibrant and friendly environment thanks to the integration of talented chefs from the village and around the world.


The traders we’ve hand picked represent the values we stand for, cooking freshly made food from scratch, foraging the beautiful mountains and using the best local ingredients from the surrounding markets, farms and bakery. This has stemmed from the contacts we have formed whilst doing the crew food at the festival. All the Bulgarian traders have a long standing affiliation with the festival and have transformed some of there own ethics, for example using sustainable meat and ditching plastic packaging to reduce there carbon foot print,  The European/British traders we use are vegan and all make the effort to drive to festival which off sets their carbon footprint too. Introducing a great variation of vegan cuisine to the festival has offered up alternative options not only to the festival but to the Bulgarian people  as well.


Our crew kitchen and traders are a core part of the Meadows family and community - from Sejuice Me (Ash and Neurika) delicious fresh juices to the Pizza crew (Felix and Alex) sourdough bases, Candys Mac and Cheese to Emils Bulgarian Organic Cheese stand - the family has been delivering that tastiest, freshest locally sourced yumminess to your taste buds for the last 10 years...


Our range of handmade and sustainably sourced timber bars provide our community with the taste of the mountain. Whether its carefully crafted cocktails or local artisan beer, the teams behind each saloon will be serving up the sweet nectar you need to keep the party rolling.


Since its inception six years ago Bulgaria’s pioneering craft beer company has become one of the family. Starting with a humble order of a pallet of bottles, White Stork now having two of their own craft beer bars on site. Their foamy unfiltered creations are made with 100% natural ingredients with an emphasis on hop forward beers.


Our festival is evolving. Our vision is not. Since its inception in 2011, meadows has kept a number of values close to its core regarding the musical ethos, which has resulted in a single, continuing pattern of belief. To book showcase artists that are on the cusp or gaining recognition. To represent balkan traditional roots in our live programme. To demonstrate diversity throughout our programme. Across all stages etc To emphasize equality in relation to paychecks for artists by capping fees, avoiding some artists being paid grossly more than others. We aim to avoid booking high earning headline acts, and strive to push equality within our musical community.


A decade of meadows

Meadows range of hand made timber bars provide our community with the taste of the mountain. Whether its carefully crafted cocktails or local beer - you know that the teams behind the individual saloons will serve you as friends and deliver one of the finest tasting alcoholic beverages you have ever tried at a festival.

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