Beyond the Music: MITM Festival x Samo Terra Collab Brings Green Living to Center Stage!


Step into a world where music meets sustainability at MITM '24, and this time, we're handing you the reins! 

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Samo Terra Foundation, Surplus Permaculture Design, and The Women's Natural Building Collective, we're set to create an unforgettable educational experience. 

But here's the twist – we want you, our festival-goers, to help us decide which green workshops will take center stage in 2024. Your voice matters, and together, we'll shape a workshop calendar that resonates not only with our love of music but with the collective heartbeat of conscious living.

Below is a list of all potential courses that can be offered at Meadows In The Mountains from June through to October 2024 and here is the link to vote for the ones you'd be most interested in attending or the ones you'd like to see come to light - even if you can't make it yourself. 

The Educational Experience

This series of educational experiences is designed to cultivate a new generation of eco-warriors. The courses are diverse, and whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just dipping your toes into green living, there's something for everyone:

1. Permaculture Design Course (PDC):

Dive deep into the principles of permaculture and learn how to design regenerative, self-sufficient ecosystems. Gain insights into regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and community resilience.

2. Permaculture in Practice:

Take your permaculture knowledge to the next level by applying it in practical, hands-on scenarios. Explore real-world applications and witness the impact of permaculture principles in action.

3. Natural Building:

Discover the art of constructing homes and structures using natural, locally sourced materials. Immerse yourself in the principles of sustainable architecture and witness the beauty of structures that harmonize with the environment.

4. Agroforestry:

Explore the integration of trees and shrubs into agricultural landscapes. Learn how agroforestry practices contribute to sustainable farming, biodiversity conservation, and climate resilience.

5. Appropriate Technology:

Uncover the power of technology to address environmental challenges. Explore innovations that promote sustainability, from renewable energy solutions to waste reduction strategies.

6. Water Retention Landscapes:

Understand the significance of water in sustainable ecosystems. Learn techniques for water retention and landscape design that contribute to efficient water use and conservation.

7. Organic Gardening:

Get your hands dirty and learn the secrets of cultivating organic, nutrient-rich gardens. From soil health to companion planting, discover the essentials of growing your own food sustainably.

Meadows in the Mountains is not just a music festival; it's a celebration of sustainable living, education, and the power of collective action. Join us as we embark on a journey to become green-fingered freedom fighters, equipped with the knowledge and skills to shape a better future for our communities and the planet!

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