Ambassador program

Become a Meadows

Are you passionate about Meadows in the Mountains and creating unforgettable experiences? 

Join our exclusive Meadows Shepherd Program and be a vital part of spreading the vibes for this year's most enchanting music festival.

what is

Meadows Shepherd Program?

Earn a free ticket to the festival by sharing the magic with your friends and secure a 10% discount for them.

It's simple - sell 10 tickets using your unique Shepherd code, and your reward is a complimentary ticket to the festival! This isn't just about sharing a love for music; it's about creating memories that last a lifetime. 

How to Join:

1. Email us at and we will send you a unique code

2. Share the Code with your friends, family, and fellow festival enthusiasts.

3. Once 10 people purchase tickets using your code, you've earned yourself a free ticket to Meadows in the Mountains!

Perks of Being a Meadows Shepherd

1. Free Ticket when you sell 10 or more tickets

2. Exclusive Merchandise

3. 10% discount for your friends and family