10th, 11th, 12th & 13th of JUNE
& 15th of june (Orpheus pool party)
Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria
This year 48 artists and bands will make the mountains vibe
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Bus Connections
We offer a door to door Party bus service that not only takes you to and from the festival in Meadows style but it stops along the way for traditional Bulgarian food and drink.

Our nearest airport in Greece is Thessaloniki, which is 6hrs journey to the festival site transporting you from meditation coast line to wild mountainous terrain.
JUNE 2015
10 11 12
14:00 Sofia Airport
15:00 Thessaloniki Airport
21:30 Plovdiv Airport
22:30 Thessaloniki Airport
23:00 Sofia Airport
02:00 Sofia Airport
13:00 Sofia Airport
14:00 Sofia Airport
15:00 Plovdiv Airport
15:00 Thessaloniki Airport
17:00 Sofia Airport
19:00 Sofia Airport
22:00 Plovdiv Airport
22:00 Sofia Airport
22:30 Thessaloniki Airport
02:00 Sofia Airport
13:00 Sofia Airport
14:00 Plovdiv Airport
15:00 Thessaloniki Airport
17:00 Sofia Airport
22:00 Plovdiv Airport
22:00 Sofia Airport
22:30 Thessaloniki Airport
03:00 Sofia Airport
23:00 Sofia Airport
01:00 Sofia Airport
04:00 Sofia Airport
06:00 Thessaloniki Airport
09:00 Sofia Airport
13:00 Thessaloniki Airport
15:00 Plovdiv Airport
21:30 Sofia Airport
04:00 Sofia Airport
06:00 Sofia Airport
06:00 Thessaloniki Airport
11:00 Sofia Airport
13:00 Thessaloniki Airport
15:00 Plovdiv Airport
04:00 Sofia Airport
06:00 Thessaloniki Airport
13:00 Thessaloniki Airport
16:00 Sofia Airport
15:00 Plovdiv Airport

Sofia airport - Polkovnik Serafimovo Return, £50

This is a 4 ½ hour journey that takes you through almost all the different majestic scenery in Bulgaria.. On the return please allow 8 Hours to get to the airport due to unforeseen circumstances, traffic and check in so be sure to book the right bus time.

Sofia Airport to Festival Festival to Sofia Airport

Plovdiv airport – Polkovnik Serafimovo Return, £30

This is a 2 ½ hour journey predominantly through the Rhodopes mountain range. On return please allow 6 Hours to get to the airport due to unforeseen circumstances, traffic and check in so be sure to book the right bus time.

Plovdiv Airport to Festival Festival to Plovdiv Airport

Thessaloniki – Polkovnik Serafimovo Return, £60

This is a 6hr journey cutting through the Greek and Bulgarian countryside. On return please allow 9 1/2 hours to get to the airport due to unforeseen circumstances, traffic and check in so be sure to book the right bus time

Thessaloniki Airport to Festival Festival to Thessaloniki Airport

Our mountain is like no other festival in the world.

'Where the land touches the sky and the sun cuddles nature'

The monastery bell chimes to the 5th chapter of Meadows In The Mountains Festival and what an epic 5 years it has been.

Another time we well tell the story of how lucky we are to still be here, bringing together all of you beautiful people to remember to resonate with the basics.

Friends, family, love, music, and nature.

Our family welcomes you back to the beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria to once again recreate the magic mystery and true sense of community that the festival represents. MITM is made by the people that attend; not the exquisite line up that is presented to you.

Welcome festival goers, hedonists and those born with a penchant for social experimental adventure. Please step gently aboard this flying contraption minding your heads and heels as we embark upon a voyage across the seven seas to the very heart of the Rhodopian Mountains, Bulgaria; an untouched and unravished bastion of nature in this harsh world of open busy buildings, urban sprawl and concrete jungles.

Set in the exceptionally beautiful surroundings of the Rhodope Mountains lies the quaint Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo. 850m above sea-level and a stones throw away from the Greek border, this enchanting village is where Meadows in the Mountains likes to call home. Historically the country has been invaded and conquered by the Roman Empire, Gengis Khan, Alexander the Great

As a result the local area has a rich cultural heritage including ancient Thracian sites such as Perperikon and Tatul; medieval castles, churches, monasteries and scenic villages with traditional Bulgarian architecture from 18th and 19th century.

It is through this very tradition that the Sasse family and friends have the most great and humble pleasure in inviting you all to cast aside your daily woes, shrug off the binding chains of the 9-5 and indulge in a debauched weekend of mind-expanding experience, community and free spirit to skip through the fields and forests with untamed abandon and to lay with the fireflies and nighttime skies in the long grass.

Legend has it that this mountain range was homeland of the mythological singer Orpheus. Orpheus was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. His accolades are centered on his ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music; Like Orpheus, Meadows in the Mountains invites you to be charmed by our music along with the beautiful scenery and people of Bulgaria.

In an eggshell MITM is not about an A List lineup – it's the genuine atmosphere which is created by the loving Meadows clan who revel in the sense of escapism.

Fundamental to our ethos is the wildlife and fauna that covers the festival site.

We love the planet and we love Bulgaria!

Sadly not everybody sees it this way... So we aim to use the festival to push and promote green and sustainable methods! All timber shacks, art installations and staging will be sustainably sourced from the surrounding forests.

Where possible carbon footprints will be calculated and reduced. Why not sail to our closest shores or catch a train all the way here rather than flying? Hitchhiking can also be fun...

Composting toilets and solar showers will also be constructed and introduced to the festival site.

MITM operates a strict 'Leave No Trace Policy' with regard to our festival waste. We are working very hard to stop using plastics and we ask you to be responsible for your waste!

Please make sure you bring a drinking container for the festival as our bars will not be providing throwaway cups.



If you are a smoker please bring a portable ashtray and help us to keep the meadows untouched.


Finally, we wanted to explain our ongoing plan to leave a positive trace on our Mountain.

We are working closely with the Bulgarian government to help the local community by bringing much needed business to the area.

The structures we build are permanent and plans are in motion to start a community in the village which will sustain itself by growing its own food sources and harnessing eco technologies.

Holistic and spiritual studies and workshops will bring trade all year around and be the at the centre of village life. So watch this space......

Orpheus Pool Party

For the afters look nowhere else other than than the The Orpheus Hotel. After 3 days on the mountain having weathered full on nature, 3 sunrises/sunsets and a marathon of music and dance there is only one way to end this magical weekend in the rural mountains of Bulgaria.

The orpheus pool party is the last stop for most Meadowers before everybody begrudgingly leaves this idyllic and majestic land to fly home to reality. At the heart of the spa hotel is the rich mineral spring which feeds the pools, you can also find a long list of treatments to help you decompress and revitalise the mind and soul. Did we tell you that there was a pool party, jacuzzi royal rumble and club underneath the hotel?

  • Mathew McBriar (Bicep)

    Embedded in the Rhodopian Mountains near Bulgaria's Greek border, the festival is promising a "jaw-dropping setting that is unmatched anywhere on the planet.

  • Danielle - Crazy P

    When a festival is inspired by Burning Man, you know it's going to be wild. And what a setting for it: not only a getaway from bustling cities, the meadows offer fantastic views of a landscape that should put a whole new spin on dancing 'til the sun comes up.

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Our doors are always open to like-minded people who wish to experience the festival as a volunteer.
In exchange for your help we'll sort you out with a festival ticket and 3 meals a day per working shift.
Dirt cheap accommodation can also be reserved for those who wish to stay in a house in the village or alternatively you can camp for free.

Positions such as build and decor crew, artist liaisons, runners, production office attendants, info point crew and gate stewards are available.
If you have relevant experience or think you have something to offer, we would love to here from you.

Please drop us a line below with a brief description on your experience and what you would like to do.

If you have an art installation proposal for Meadows 2015 we would love to see it.
We are a small festival with limited resources but with the imagination and creativity of some amazing people we have made magical things happen.
Environment and sustainability are key points of focus when making your application as we very much respect the mountain on which we party.
Locally sourced timber and recycled materials are the main build product on site so please tailor your design to suit.

Please send us a brief description, rough proposed dimensions and sketches or visual references using the form below. Many thanks.

A core element of building the Meadows community involves us embracing a platform for traders and workshops to come and share their wares and knowledge.
Whether it involves food or drink, jewellery, clothes stalls and even holistic workshops, we would love you to join us on the mountain.
To help us along with your enquiry please provide us with the following information in your proposal.

1) What are you bringing to share with us in the Meadows?
2) What pitch size do you require?
3) As Meadows is based on a mountain ridge, electricity and water have to be generated and bought to the site. Other than basic lighting, will you need water or additional electricity to be provided?
4) If you are considering trading in consumables, do you have a current food/ hygiene license?

Please send all your applications using the form below.

send message
get the latest info and updates