Two person Tentsile tree tents with stunning natural views of the wooded valley. The tents come equipped with duvets, pillows and bottom sheet and are for the more adventurous campers amongst you. Tentsile plant 20 trees for every tent they sell, meaning we have helped them to plant over 1,000 trees! Help us to help them plant more. For more information on Tentsile see their website: www.tentsile.co.uk Note: our Tentsile valley is located in a forest with uneven ground, that some may find difficult to navigate. Whilst we will ensure the area is lit at night, we recommend that you bring head torches with you, as well as suitable footwear, such as walking boots. Luggage needs to be stored either inside or underneath the tent, therefore a rucksack is recommended over a suitcase. Valuables can be stored in our secure lockup, located at the info point inside the festival site.

What's Included



Ground Sheet

Tentsile Camp

2-person Tentsile tent


2-person Tentsile tent

June 3 - 8 2020, Bulgaria

From: $129.50 Per Person