Bulgaria June 2 - 5 2022

Mesa Sessions - 2022

A home to spiritual practice and cultural exchange, at the heart of the festival. Classes, workshops, treatments.



ALL REMAINING TICKETS FOR CLASSES, WORKSHOPS AND TREATMENTS CAN NOW BE BOOKED AT MESA RECEPTION WITHIN THE FESTIVAL. Mesa is a wellness space guided by participatory principles, acknowledging the beauty & sacred nature of the Rhodope mountains we reside in through movement, restorative, conversational and ceremonial sessions. We aim to create a platform celebrating the richness of Bulgarian - and wider global - cultural practice. We focus on exploring the potential of a consciously lived life; and the eternal question of 'how might we be of better service?' Our programme is full of sessions elevating the voices of native Bulgarian and Thracian artists, presenting work that is joyful, celebratory & curious. Soak up some Haven healing time, in one of our beautiful Thracian wood massage cabanas to help you unwind in the blissful hands of our experienced therapists. Recharge with either Indian Head Massage, Thai, AYM, Deep Tissue and Holistic massage or Reiki and Theta healing. And expect experienced guides leading talks on sustainability issues or Tantrik philosophy, daytime plant medicine workshops melting into ambient night time soundscapes from some of Berlin's finest, with our yoga and breathwork classes providing a balm for post partying nervous systems. Love mycelium or fascinated by the uplifting practice of Kirtan? We may just have a little something for you. Mesa is comprised of three areas: MESA. Our beautiful stretch tent overlooking the valley, which presents a diverse programme of wellbeing practices, somatic movement, sound healing, medicine song, workshops, conscious conversation and cultural-exchange. HAVEN. Cabanas offering floor or table-based bodywork. Indian Head Massage, Thai, AYM, Deep Tissue and Holistic massage. THE READING ROOM. Our bell tent space offering intimate readings, Theta/Reiki healing, tarot & tea culture. Mesa sessions are ticketed. Pre-bookable, with some spaces opening up on live days too.


Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Unwind, invigorate and reconnect with your body. A deeply restorative massage in one of our wooden Haven bodywork cabanas overlooking the bountiful valley. Buy your treatment and then come to the Mesa reception at the festival to book in a specific slot with one of our expert therapists. Choose from Traditional Thai, Holistic, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage and more. Please note: treatments are valid for their specific day and cannot be swapped if missed. Time slots are booked in on a first come first served basis.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is beneficial for deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension, dissolving energy blocks to restore harmony and balance to your mind, body and soul, activates the body's self-healing ability and immune system, relieves physical and emotional pain, improves sleep and deepens spiritual growth and development. I use the elements, fire, water, earth and air to guide me energetically in what’s happening for you. You’ll be cleansed, healed, charged, blocks and sticky stagnant energy released. After your session, we talk about findings and you can receive guidance for your forward journey.

Rasa Tea Culture Ceremony

Rasa Tea Culture Ceremony

Cha Dao (‘the way of tea’) philosophy honours the principles of balance, grace, quietude, mindfulness, simplicity, and harmony with nature, which we align with as part of a Rasa Tea Ceremony. Join Ella for an intimate ritual in The Reading Room immersing in the essence of intricacies of temperature, aroma, flow, resonance, and the unique taste of this Organic Earth Medicine. Bring a cup for your tea!


Our expert healers specialise in Deep Tissue, Holistic, Sports + Remedial, Traditional Thai + Indian Head Massage.  

Mesa has a main reception where you can book in your time slot with one of our welcoming team. Daily time slots are allocated on a first come first serve basis so we recommend swinging by Mesa reception as soon as you arrive in the festival. You will need to bring email/printed confirmation of your treatment to book in.

Our opening hours are 9:45am - 7:00pm Thurs - Sunday. 

To find Mesa, look out for the big red stretch tent overlooking the valley by the pizza oven.

While we understand traversing a festival can take time, all our sessions are usually fully booked with limited capacity, so any missed ones cannot be re-booked or refunded.

Mesa is the big red stretch tent overlooking the valley next to the pizza oven and in front of the dragon sculpture. 

Very soon!

Keep your eyes on our socials for updates on our ticketed programme of talks, classes and workshops. 

Mesa Sessions - 2022

Bulgaria · June 2 - 5 2022 · 3 nights